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Universal & United Appliance Repair: Experience Perfect Service with Us

We offer any appliance repair fast and hassle-free
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Washer Repair

There are no problems our experts can’t cope with. We deal with excess soap, the absence of agitation, clogged drain hose, and many other issues you may face while using your washing machine. We service washers of any models and brands. We can help you to fix the breakage, replace faulty parts, or install a new washer properly.

Ice Maker Repair

If your ice-maker doesn’t make ice or it’s leaking water, ice tastes bad or smells, or the gadget is not working at all, it’s high time to call our masters. With the help of special equipment and thanks to the years of experience, they are able to find the sources of problems in no time. We offer the most effective, convenient, and favorable solution for each type of issue.

Stove Repair

Keeping your stove in good working condition is our job. We repair both gas and electric models. Our technicians are experienced and well-equipped. They find the problem and eliminate it fast and easily. Depending on the issue, we offer in-store and in-home services. Our experts figure out the type of breakage as soon as possible and provide the most effective solution.

Microwave Repair

The breakage of the microwave can turn into a real tragedy. If your device stop working, don’t hurry to buy a new one. It’s better to call out technicians. They can cope even with the most complicated and challenging problems. Our experts provide reliable appliance diagnostics, efficient repair, and routine maintenance.

Fridge Repair

When it comes to the repair of the refrigerator, the speed of work is of prime importance. Our competent technicians deal with any type of fridges. We fix top or bottom-freezer models, freezerless or compact samples, side-by-side or French door varieties. We also offer general maintenance to prolong the lifespan of your appliances.

Range Hood Repair

The breakage of the range hood is a great problem for every homeowner. If you don’t want to stand the weird smell in your kitchen, the best way out is to call our service. The experts fix any problem with your range hood in no time.

About Us

When you need professional sufficient help with appliance repair and service, you can’t but appreciate our company. We offer a wide range of services including appliance diagnostics, maintenance, fixing, replacement, and installation. We know how to make devices work again even after a serious breakage. You can entrust to our experts the household gadgets of any brand and model. Your appliances are in reliable hands.

Professional Team

Universal & United Appliance Repair unites competent, efficient, and handy repairmen who want to develop and improve their skills. We use innovative technologies to take care of your appliances. We value and respect the needs of our clients. You may be sure you always can count on professional and timely support and help no matter how serious your problem is.

Our Goals

Our aim is to provide you with high-quality appliance repair services. We focus on the needs and expectations of every client. No matter how complicated the breakage is, our experts find the most profitable and suitable solution. With our help, you can save your money and enjoy trouble-free use of the appliances.

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